PAD – Paesaggio Architettura Design

From the 27th of November until the 10th of January, the “Cattedra Adalberto Libera” of Trento University, will hold an exhibition entitled “PAD – Paesaggio Architettura Design”, with the participation of the Designer Diego Chilò, showing the conceptual approach from an object to the architecture, and the Landscape Architect João Nunes with an approach from an open space scale, to the confrontation of the detail. This exhibition suggests confronting a project’s quality, to the landscape dimension and the object’s design, in order to value the architecture, the landscape, the urbanism and the industrial design.

The inauguration will be held at the 27th of November, with the participation of the Landscape Architect João Nunes and will take place at the Palazzo Firmian, Spazio Arte Unicredit, via Galileo Galilei, Trento, at 17:00 PM.


For more related information, please consult the following LINK.

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