PROAP – Landscape Architecture

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Over the past twenty years, João Nunes and the PROAP team have dedicated themselves to an almost obsessive search of a way to dialogue, to understand and to communicate with landscape in a perceptive and involved manner. One of the concepts that better defines the architecture of this group of architects is their approach to the main design, given it becomes the most important process of creation. The essence of each project and each intervention is withheld in the design that defines the transformation of nature where each landscape is transformed by the feelings and sensations of each place.

They have tried to understand and reflect each landscape and each site to subsequently conceive a design which is coherent with its meaning. The result of this reflection is a monographic issue that, far from being an extensive vision, tries to present the characteristics of PROAP’s architecture. The portrayed projects are urban gardens and parks, fluvial parks and urban quarters, however, rather than being organized according typology, they correspond to an interpretation of the landscape, his history and his evolution. On one hand, we wanted to present the latest and most emblematic  projects and, on the other hand, we wanted to reveal different scales and interventions types, however, undoubtedly, what we most arduously endeavoured, in this publication, was to narrate and illustrate a story; the story of each project and each intervention.

Text written by Bárbara Silva

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