Building up a specific professional knowledge, with vague boundaries and global operational scope, the initial company structure has developed in local branches and collaborators. Today the main seat in Lisbon, Portugal, is linked to the office in Treviso, Italia, and Luanda, Angola. The group is composed of Landscape Architects, Architects, Engineers and Artists.

To produce Landscape Architecture implies a confrontation with the territory and very often with other professionals, usually Architects that design the built space. We have ongoing and consolidated through the years joint ventures, which are flanked by new and fertile cooperations that develop into partnerships. The necessity to dialogue with many different people took us towards a clear and dialogic approach, where the landscape design is complementary and supportive towards architecture.

The complexity of the professional discipline demands for knowledge and different attitudes, in order to give the creative and appropriate answer to the client. Gathering different professional disciplines and uncommon knowledge takes us towards particularly innovative approaches, where form is joined to technical and cultural contents.