Manuel Ferreira

Junior Landscape Architect

Junior Project Coordinator at the Landscape Architecture Studio PROAP, which gathers a vast group of landscape architects, architects, designers and plastic artists, part of a core oriented by João Nunes.

Manuel is Master in Landscape Arquitecture at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, since 2011.

In 2009, Manuel studied for 6 months at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences, in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he developed Urban Planning Project and also Health Design Project.

His professional experience ranges from international competitions, concept competitions, constructions projects and construction supervision. These works are inserted in the Portuguese scope, but also, with some preponderance, in the international scope, like Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, Morocco, Italy, Belgium, China, etc.

As project coordinator is responsible for the conceptual and technical development of national and international projects.

Is responsible for managing design teams, in creative phases, assuring accuracy from conception to presentation proposals.

Works in PROAP since 2011.