Alto dos Moinhos Residential Complex

The outdoor space is not understood as a way to fulfill the empty spaces between buildings, but as a structuring element of the whole complex, an autonomous entity which defines the comprehension and living of the outdoor space, as an interpretation of the building tissue, the relations between it and the city, and the environmental manifestation which characterize the site, especially in microclimatic terms.

The projectual solutions systematize the outdoor spaces in different typologies, related to the functional and environmental meaning of the space: circulation spaces, with recreational functions, materialized in occasional leisure areas, terraces, or circulation and parking spaces; enclosed and intimate spaces, materialized as urban gardens, intrinsically related to the residential buildings; squares, which are still recognized as part of the complex, but which are permeable hinges between it and the city. The proposed groundcover is rather simple, revealing an immediate correspondence between the topographical situation, or an environmental condition arising from the topography (sun exposure, surface slope drainage) and the existing ground covers.

The square suggests, in a nonconventional way, a spatial organization, both visually and functionally in terms of the access and circulation flows, materialized through earthworks and proposed groundcovers that enhance the landforms.

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