BIBIONE – restoration of Punta Tagliamento Lighthouse

The presenta feasibility proposal arises from the need to value a public estate, the Lighthouse of Bibione, actually in neglect and abandon condition, except for the practicality of the lighthouse and the radio beacon.
Therefore the project needs to verify the possibility to make the lighthouse become a location for game fishing associations and partially an exhibition space, a building able to host temporary events or even a Sea Museum.
Because of the configuration of the building and of its adjacent lot, we decided to work on three separated levels: a) the external area, divided in garden, paved courtyard and adjacent buildings; b) the main building, developed on three floors; c) the lighthouse, meant as tower.
This separation seems necessary in functionalist terms, because we need to consider the contemporary use of the different parts (in particular the military use, that puts precise restrictions), and the opportunity to employ the areas in different moments, without being obliged to open the whole structure anytime. For the external area we propose to act with a minimal attitude, maintaining the garden sand structure fort the part facing the sea, with little arrangements of the vegetation and with the addition of a wooden structure to allow the pedestrian access to the main entrance. The asphalt paved courtyard stays substantially identical; we propose to conceal the inner fencing wall on the east side with the strengthening of the sand dune, that links with the sand garden on the main front.
We also propose a structure made with poles and cables, that can be dismantled, bearing a system of sails to overshadow the bigger section of the courtyard, thinking that this solution shall be advantageous to host events during the summertime.
The smaller building on the north-east corner and a part of the one placed on the west side of the courtyard will be restored as warehouses and spaces for the reception of temporary functions during the events, such as rooms to organise kitchens etc…
The little western building in maintained identical as reserved place for the Port Authority – Lighthouses Service. Furthermore to guarantee a safer access to this area, than the one open to public, we propose to realise a new wall to allow the entry to this zone, reserved for the responsible personnel, who shall take advantage of the entries placed on the paved courtyard and on the outside.

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