Cava do Viriato Vicinity

The regeneration project for the monument and surrounding vicinity of the Cava do Viriato grants continuity to the actions envisaged by the POLIS programme. The intervention is defined in a large diverse space that can be divided into three essential areas: The Cava do Viriato Monument; the Market Park and the Weir Park.

Two clear realities coexist in this space: the weekly installation of Viseu’s market and an urban park that runs along the banks of the River Paiva providing a continuous flow for the existing mixed pedestrian and cycle route. By connecting the circulation system the intervention project allows this vast and complex site to form a relationship with the city and instills a complete identity. Space and function are united and new facilities (a leisure area and the restored Cava do Viriato monument) enhance the connection between the city and the rural area.

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