Champalimaud Foundation

The project aims to reclaim the public character of all the exterior spaces. The proposal guarantees full permeability of pedestrian circulation between Av. de Brasília and the river whilst also safeguarding the continuity of the pedestrian/bicycle route along the river.

The absence of an existing plan for this area made the contextual insertion of the project difficult. However, there is foresight for important functional and morphological alterations which lead the designer to anticipate spatial usages and organizations. By working with probability and interpreting the indistinct indications we aim to devise the necessary structuring decisions that should be taken to avoid an important strategic area as this one succumbing to unsuccessful and uncoordinated usage. The area would be occupied with functions which are relevant to the site.

The acting territorial managing instruments for the study area are currently disconnected but by implementing a hierarchical system these current functions will be allowed to run coherently. The capacity to be a reference in the design is defined through systematic order leading to a platform of licensing and decision.

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