The project proposes an integrated system of interventions adapted to the complexity of the Gulf of La Spezia, combining the requirements for the use and protection of the existing breakwater with the needs of tourist-recreational enjoyment and pleasure boating. The project is represented by an integrated model developed through different phases, independently financed, which are based on the principles of flexibility, reversibility and modularity. It ‘s a system that tries to protect the landscape – sea floor – and that allows careful planning and intelligent use.
The idea comes from the will to change the current ecosystem and the morphology of the existing Gulf the lesser than possible, however giving the opportunity to the locals and tourists to enjoy a historical artifact such as the breakwater is, a potential place for promenades and sunbathing. The design strategy moves from the assumption that such a system must be totally self-sustainable (using existing technologies, recovery and re-use) both for the type of structures completely removable or interchangeable, and for the composition morphology. Accessibility is left up to the individual, with the possibility to provide a shuttle service to reach the main platform hosting services.
The project will accommodate services for tourists, such as bars, rental of beach umbrellas, completely independent lounges (shaded relaxing points) with electricity generators, fully convertible into other functions, and of course berthing points for boats (taking advantage of La Spezia yachting center). With regard to the existing structure of the breakwater, the designers have chosen to operate a minimum interference providing a path 6m wide that runs along its entire length.

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