The present situation of the intervention area shows the impossibility to recognize the public space and a general absence of characterization of the place that leads to a certain impression of mess and urban discontinuity. This configuration does not favour the social interaction, but becomes just a parking place for the city. The ‘Largo delle poste’ is near ‘Corso Italia’, one of Cortina’s most important street and therefore may sets up as a resource for the city; moreover, the many public buildings and hotels overlooking the area, standing out on the evocative panorama of ‘Dolomiti bellunesi’, build up an ideal scenery for this space that should become a new urban centrality.
The building of the new underground parking becomes an opportunity to retrain the overtop space, giving the city a new real place, a new meeting point for people and a new opportunity to host artistic and cultural expositions. The value of the area will enhance thanks to the underground parking design, that will ensure a substantial increase of parking places at disposal.
The project uses the occasion to build up a new morphology of the place, defining a large rectangular pool that will be the mainstay of the entire intervention.Such pool represents the archetype of the place itself, a sort of ‘agorà’ around which different events may happen, that shall be able to report with all the geometries forming the place and, meanwhile, shall establish a hierarchy of the space.

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