The upgrading of sports facilities, part of the social overhead capital supplied to the public bodies, is a subject of widespread interest, characteristic of our times that sounds out on a very mature reality. Indeed, often sports facilities date back to interventions started in the 70s and then integrated and subsequently supplemented, often with nonconforming and uncoordinated works. Needless to say, the user requirements have changed over the years, and today the great mobility that characterizes people, especially concerning the tourist industry as in Falcade, approaches potential new users that can make interesting and sustainable ventures before not very reasonable. The proposal here presented is inspired by a reflection on what is available at the moment and what would be the development of a more integrated offer than the traditional one. The logic that guided our proposal is the integration of the users, without leaving out any niche, opening opportunities for interventions of public-private partnerships too. The project proposes the distributive rationalization of the pedestrian scale, the adaptation of the sports facilities, the construction of integrative functions in addition to those already present. The lot in the aim of a landscape integration that should give credit to the environmental value of the site, focusing on the pre-existing as places by then consolidated in everyday experience.
The accommodation facilities outlook misses, by now, of additional services than the classic hotel, or those services dedicated to the body care and that have a great success, for example, in a large part of South Tyrol. The opportunity to develop a collective spa, which is opened to the public, may enhance the entire area with services that complement the sports facilities already existing. The improvement of the relationship with the river, while respecting the constraints of flood safety, should be considered as an aspect of great opportunity to give back to the whole playground area a value of landscape quality. The integration of innovative services can help to stretch both winter and summer season, pointing to the entire body care.

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