The projectual proposal measures with the competition notice necessities, trying to combine the environmental and landscape values with the use charge and the functionality demanded by the contemporary situation. In particular, we looked for the integration of the formal continuity along the lakeside, moreover characterized by a great variety of bank elements and uses.
The project identifies a boundary that defines, with a sinuous shape, the position of the limit between the dry and the wet space, between the “urban space” and the “lake space” and makes it clear with a wooden element. This element, which smallest dimension is a bench, widens, expands, extends on the water and finally wrinkles to host bins, mountain, basins and the lighting system. The punctual use of the same material, although with different shake and dimensions, emphasizes the lakeside character.
It is necessary to enforce bank protections that may assure the works lasting, in order to restore the lakeside fully usable. The proposal intends to act on the primary effect of the worsening represented by the breaker wave.
The theme of formal continuity along the lakeside is developed with more articulation where a punctual design is required, through the identification of new parking areas, moorings, equipments, etc.. In matter of existent vegetation, the proposal long to preserve the most important specimens and to strengthen the areas with compact vegetation.
The plant system that appears disharmonious and with structure problems along the promenade is instead revised. Generally, the attitude of the project is to research a precise definition between the sunny and the shady areas, using the vegetation too, to limit undefined situations, such as bushes that, nowadays, bond the pedestrian path on the lakeside.

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