The intervention area is “Piazza Martiri Partigiani”, located in a strategic place in the heart of the historical town of Sassuolo. It is placed in a central position in respect to those areas of the city that have a particular historical, cultural and social influence. The square is now reduced to a mere parking space, useful for residents and necessary for the city center enjoyment by visitors, a large area covered with asphalt, devoid of trees, without a real identity.
The process for the redevelopment of Piazza Martiri Partigiani resulted from the necessity to free up existing public spaces from parked cars to restore the place as a gathering space for community benefit. The objective is to confer new functions to this public space and at the same time to allow an adequate accessibility and safe places for vehicle parking. The design solution proposed involves the construction of underground parking areas to ensure, on the one hand, the construction of collective activities on the surface and on the other hand to facilitate the driveway accessibility and to allow the vehicle parking in safety.
The provided equipment for the collective functions are designed to be translucent pavilions, that is to say that the outer shell shall be made partly of glass and partly with opaque ceramic wall plug. The pavilions are about three meters high and represent an ideal continuity with the ground floor of the surrounding buildings dedicated to commercial activities. The adoption of this solution ensure the daily use of the square as a large pedestrian area even during the presence of activities such as markets and other temporary events.

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