Environmental rehabilitation of Marina Julia area

The situation of Marina Julia must be transformed, because the only alternative (keeping everything as it is) will cause a rapid deterioration. The project is to be based on two considerations: first: realize new settlements to start the redevelopment of the entire area, considering the transformation of the existing also, second: identify actions that are able to “put on the map” Marina Julia as one of the most important tourist destinations in the Adriatic area.
The owner, in the person of Bruno Beghetto, suggests, to reach the valorization, to propose an combined plan of actions. So the project considers the entire area, independently from the cadastral limits, because it would be unthinkable to reach a valorization without a re-consider the whole as a unit.
The proposal also assumes that the entire coastline system is put in relation, assuming the balance and environmental compensation between the area to be exploited (Marina Julia) and the area to be preserved (nature reserve island of Cona).

The proposal aims to:

  • Integrate the area of ​​the biotope in the entire project area;
  • Integrate the existing buildings in a project of overall significance, with the intent to push even those parts to the restructuring of the town;
  • Structuring the development of the entire area with a view that integrate green spaces and buildings;
  • Allow the sustainability of the project;
  • Structuring public spaces, equipment and services that can be used by the inhabitants of Marina Julia and of the town, in a perspective of “compensation” between urban areas and industrial areas;
  • Redesign the edge of the green area to allow the rediscovery of natural springs and paths to the channel;
  • Allow a “weak” type of use of the biotope area as camping, which can coexist with the environmental and landscape value of the area;
  • Reorganize the viability to enter the site in order to minimize the impact to the north large green area, by forming a green unit in direct connection with the Cavana;
  • Prepare a series of measures (urban and socio-economic) to be developed for functional phases, to achieve the best result in terms of regeneration of the area.

The proposal takes into account that the area has been transformed by the hand of man. The nature of this area has been determined by large shares of modification of the landscape.
The proposal provides the connection of the great natural space (north of the lot) to the beach, through the proposition of green corridors for public use.
The central area of the lot, structured on the existing driveway, will absorb a greater concentration of buildings, residential and services. In this way it is possible to guarantee the level of compatibility with the natural tissue and at the same time the level of service for residents, both permanent and tourists.

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