Green Park of Mondego – West Entrance

The intervention lies within a territory that has been subject to urban renewal according to several detail plans of the Parque Verde do Mondego. These plans implement urban parks and a system of pedestrian paths along both banks of the River Mondego.

The project takes on two main objectives intended for this intervention: to protect the surrounding area of the Santa Clara-a-Velha convent from flooding with the construction of an embankment: and to create an urban park that guides people from the left bank of the city to the Parque Verde do Mondego.

The simplicity of the proposed design arises from the creation of a stone platform which marks the entrance to the park and leads to a main walkway with a system of multi-level paths that allow views of the Convent. These pathways promote varying viewpoints and perspectives of the city while framing grass surfaces occasionally punctuated by masses of shrubs to minimise overuse.

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