Hortus Botanicos Patavinus


With Gonçalo Byrne, Cristina Castel-Branco, Andrea Menegotto

The plan for the conservation of the historical Botanical Garden is determined by the classification of its component different parts in big categories. The processing categories for the conservation interventions come from a scientifically proven repertoire, which is very much used. It doesn’t end with the punctual contents of the project, but schedules the intervention steps through multiple relations between the expected works, drawing maps of the intervention areas, of the botanical characteristics, of the periodicity of singular areas of the Garden and of the usage conditions.

The intention is a long term intervention, related to all aspects of the site, for which a maintenance plan must be created.

Departing from this reality, a new perception of the city is created, through the creation of a new visual space in the Botanical Garden. This will be possible through the elevation of part of the ground (thus creating a visual relation between Sant’Antonio and Santa Giustina churches, also enabling the sight of Prato della Valle, where the interpretation has already been used for the Arboretum.)

This way, the Botanical Garden turns into the heart of a dense urban history

The project modifies the present proposal for this public space, introducing the concept of urban park: a controlled public garden, with an area covered by infrastructures, collective services and a formal green area.

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