Lagos Marina

The proposal for the outdoor spaces of Lagos Marina represents, in the original intervention period, an incentive to the future processes of similar interventions in the same urban context. It is an important moment of reflection that involves a group of professionals much bigger than origin ally planned.

The stereotype of the Algarve landscape (inheritance of the Anglo-Saxon world) was strongly questioned, in an attempt to regain the vernacular of Algarve landscape as the paradigm of outdoor comfort. The project proposes a rupture with that line of thinking, based on the application of xerophytic plant systems and assuming the absence of watered lawns, shrub masses or pavements without load capacity.

The project was an opportunity to develop innovative outdoor furniture – as the “Lagos” bench.

In this context, definitely favorable on the urban point of view, we seek to act in a way to maintain the square as an identifiable unit, regardless the extreme seasonality of its use. That is, the expected use of the square offers a great and intensive use corresponding to the summer period, in which is expected the installation of esplanades associated to the future restaurants; on the remaining months of the year, the usage will be obviously quieter.

This intervention is based on the manipulation of the square in terms of pavements, plantations and urban furniture, in a close coordination with the specialties of Water Networks and Electricity and Public Lighting. The same intervention is also based on the intention of composing an urban square, benefiting the topological circumstances developed from the building implementation, which determine a limited situation, with a potentially generating scale that generates a comfortable experience and views over the marina.

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