Masterplan for Thessaloniki

This project originated from the analysis of the city and the site that maintains a philosophical proposal based on Landscape Architecture theory which aims to resolve incompatibilities of different program functions. Strategically located in the eastern part of the city, the “city gate” is located within range of the urban network, in contrast to the dense construction that characterizes the entire area.

The objective of the master plan was to revitalize the entire urban area through the development of green areas, leisure/cultural activities, sports facilities, residential areas and transport infrastructure, to create an innovative urban development project.

The project’s core was the creation of a large multifunctional platform to link both peripheral and central car/bus/subway connections, a sports area, a huge underground parking lot (2500 spaces aimed at limiting the number of city-centre entrances), a commercial centre, a museum and, finally, a residential neighborhood. This program was integrated in an excellent urban design, establishing a balanced relationship with the environmental conditions and, at the same time, the basis for the architectural design (organization) of the area and the reuse of existing buildings.

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