Murzuq – National Park

The site is situated on the Southern side of the city, at 4km distance from the center. The connection is guaranteed by a concrete road that crosses the desert. The size is approximately 100 ha in extension, and it is divided in a former agricultural site of 20ha, and a larger surrounding area of desert of 80ha of a regular shape. The existing site is already being developed for agricultural uses, and therefore it already has a great potential for developing vegetation. This proposal aims to design a park that will integrate and meet the cultural values
and contemporary lifestyles of local Libyans. The most desirable goal is to form social aggregation sites that will primarily address the social demand for families recreation, where primary needs are security and comfort.

The approach to this site has been driven by a very mixed feeling between the fascination of the Sand Sea and the extremely harsh condition of the region. In this tension between the creation of a pleasant place for the local inhabitants and a dramatic outpost for the desert tourists, we developed a vision that relies on the concept of borderline between two worlds, that reminds the old times when caravans where approaching the city from this side, when lingering and trading where the most common activities. All under the sheltering sky of the desert.
This fascinating view drove most of the choices of the park, where different people
can mix and choose to pick their favourite spot or activity, without a real segregation of functions and users. This it is believed to be a real point of strength of the proposal.

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