Parking enlargement of “Assicurazioni Generali”

The customer requirements included the construction of a new parking area with a minimum of 260 parking spaces to meet the business needs, as actually numerous cars stand are just crossing the street within the area. The design choice has been to integrate these requests, on one hand, with the need to respect the restriction imposed by the superintendence (Dlgs 42/04) , secondly to consider the existing elements of landscape’s value, not least the vicinity of the area to the banks of the River Dese. Today the area houses a green space in a good state of mainteinance. For these reasons we proceded with a careful survey of the existing trees in order to propose the main project’s actions. The choice of materials, and the use of certain species respond to parameters of environmental sustainability.
The parking space in concrete mesh grill (Lagos) drains the ground, ensure the car’s drive-over and at the same time makes the parking area as a grassed surface extremely harmonious with the surrounding context.
The walkways as the driveways are in asphalt. In addition, to ensure adequate shading, parking spaces are alternated with “tanks plants” in the ground, which house several species of Prunus (vulg. Pruni). These, on one hand present a certain aesthetic appeal, on the other answer the design intent to diversify the surrounding park from the parking area, which is then to be seen as a significant element of the whole park, obtaining a certain aesthetic dignity.
The hedges of Cornus (Dogwood vulg.) are a series of scenes that allow the partial masking of parked cars and at the same time allow you to appreciate the elegant coloring of flowering thorns. The pedestrian malls of parking access are now lined with various species of Acer (maple). The continuation of rows, where necessary, has been obtained through the planting of similar species. Particular attention was paid to the seasonal variations. Infact, working with plant material, means considering the temporal variation as an adding value of the project. In this case, this choice becomes one of the strengths of the proposal. The color changes resulting from the different periods of flowering species provides the cyclical metamorphosis of the intervention, and builds new visual relationship with the surrounding context.

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