Portela 2050

The consecration of a Void

The opportunity to validate a void of considerable scale rises from two simultaneous possibilities – the end of functionality of an important area and the confirmation of the density of the surrounding urban areas.

To guarantee the void through a function that enables the emptiness of the space and the end of this function, as a confirmation of the void that was generated, must correspond to the fulfilling of the contiguous areas. At Portela, this mechanism already works.

At Portela, the topographic situation reassures and confirms the void through emptying its vectors.

In order to validate the Portela de Sacavém’s void the proposal is generated by two actions:

1. The materialisation of a highly active functional border, which emphasises the already existing dynamics through topography, and also creates emptiness by contrasting materials and functional density.

2. The proposal of an enormous area, where because nothing is proposed, everything is possible. This area will become an area with a large load bearing capacity, with an extremely urban input, receptive to a wide variety of urban life programs that in either a large or small scale look for a temporary urban localisation.

The main goal of this proposal is to answer the existing uneasiness towards the localisation of the new airport (OTA) and the general feeling of suspicion towards the connections between the metropolitan area and the new airport. As an alternative to the existing infrastructures, which are not efficient, we believe in an efficient, exclusive new transport.

Therefore, if the connection is exclusive, it is possible to propose the maintenance of part of the actual airport infrastructures, enabling the metropolis and its transportation systems to keep on working as a platform of both local and external connections. Also the check-in and luggage operations may occur at an extended gate, a gate in the city, (the old airport). This way we’ll keep the best of both solutions, the distance between the city and the negative impacts of an airport, and the comfort of functional articulation (transportation) that we have today.

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