Promenade des Crêtes

The winning proposal from PROAP studio is based on a strategy that leads to a design that defines flexible implementation, evolution and sustainability.

From the motto “Detailed territory continuity”, the proposal corresponds to the materialization of a conceptual process where the landscape takes priority and meets architecture in a reciprocal relationship.

The first reflection acknowledges the specific site conditions at the area of intervention and responds to two realities, topography and geomorphology. The topography emerges directly from the geomorphologic process determining the longitudinal continuity of the study area. The fact that it is a fractured yet prominent area with discontinuity between directly adjacent areas defines the study area as an autonomous entity.

Nonetheless, it is this variety in surface levels that informs the functional and programmatic continuities that propose coherent functions without being interrupted.

This reference to “continuity” results from the fact that it has to be recognized as a value in itself.

In this context, and despite the fact that the territory in question should continue either unspoilt or sparsely interrupted, the previous development process has hindered evolution resulting in deeply marked ascending and descending spaces.

The study area is thus a leftover zone excluded by adjoining transformations due to ineffective contributions. It is this misdirection which allows you to see the great pragmatism of transformation processes, which now recognise and appreciate the integrity of the site.

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