Residential Complex Jardins de S. Lourenço

The intervention is located in the patio of the ground floor of the building development and also on the private roof terraces on the second floor. Furthermore, a self-sustainable garden system is proposed on the roof terraces of the first floor to provide the context for designing the surrounding public space. The layout of the entire intervention adheres to a linear geometrical composition.

At ground level the intention is to create a garden and central space enclosed by the adjacent buildings. It is defined by slate paving that establishes contact with the buildings and indicates entrance points. In addition, this space functions as a recreational area composed of raised planters and a water feature whose focal point is a polished concrete wall complimented by water and light. This wall operates as a curtain that partially protects the central patio garden.

On the second floor, two functionally diverse and partially separated areas can be identified: the southern area is a sun bathing spot connected to the swimming pools; and the northern area is a recreational garden punctuated by playground elements.

The coherence of the design comes from a thorough understanding of the site. Conceptual and functional fluidity is developed between public and private space. Recreation and leisure are promoted while the green structure compliments pedestrian circulation.

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