Ribeira das Naus Riverfront Public Space

Requalificação do Espaço Público da Ribeira das Naus

The Ribeira das Naus riverfront is a site with mythological origins forming both national and local identity. It was partially produced by the collective imagination and culture. The myth is linked to a naval plant that operated on this site which produced various types of boats over hundreds of years.

Production of these vessels was considered a key factor in the discovery of universal shipping routes and the driver for a first globalization phenomenon instigated by Portugal. The proposed design is the result of the tension between the diverse composition in Ribeira das Naus site (built elements, dry dock) and the differing geometric layers, which lay below the current surface spot height (Arsenal Dock, beaching-place). The revelation and the integration of these historic elements, partially buried and potentially determinative of the site’s character, make up the recreation process of Ribeira das Naus.

The architecture of this site in Lisbon’s waterfront landscape is based on the juxtaposition of archaeological and contemporary elements, both revealing the site’s diverse history (culture of the space of the city) and action in the use of public space (circulation, permanence, contemplation, and infrastructure).

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