RTP – Portuguese Television Studios


The most important principles applied in the project refer to the outdoor spaces and their intended development of colour and space in relation to the proposed building.

Schematically, the building complex can be described as a foundation which caters to several floors with different functions from which emerge the distinctive studios and office space. These three volumes, with a defined geometry and uniform walls will work as reference elements for the new buildings – their visibility from circulation paths and formal purity in a complex and dynamic context make them more identifiable than a neon logo or an illuminated placard. Gradually, these three objects will be turned into new television studios.

All the operational efforts and the relationship with the land should be developed to enhance the legibility of nearby elements. At the project level, this effort was developed through the construction of the built volumes. A uniform green treatment and land modelling merge the surrounding levels with the built cover and transform the correspondence point of the three volumes to create an undulating green plan with a lawn and trees at the front.

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