Rua do Quelhas 28 Quarter

We like to think that the street, beyond the route that is drawn between buildings and quarters, is a space that belongs to the city and public life. We intend to link a transition space which exists in the complex network of the city. By working with people and the existing buildings we attempt to create more than just a space of transitional flow but a place for meeting, walking, living and communicating. This intervention establishes a relationship with the existing buildings in order to improve the connections with the city. Three adjacent squares with a three metre level difference between them become the focus on pedestrian circulation. The traditional form of level connection in the city of Lisbon is often resolved with central handrailed stairways, combined with flowerbeds, tree pits or seating. We intend to reclaim this mode of intervention with an easily identifiable and organized layout where each element relates to its wider scheme, defining resting or circulation areas. Larger trees were chosen for the streets to assure shading of the parking area. The urban furniture and the lighting elements punctuate the space according to a linear organizing plan without obstructing the circulation areas.

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