The area covered by this proposal is adjacent to that which has already been subject of an urban housing and the environmental renewal, with the implementation of the integrated program known as “Merville – House in the Park”, a project of international importance that has enhanced the device area of Jesolo Pineta by a joint action to strengthen the tourist-receptive structures and at the same time to recover public use of a large tract of the pinewood.
The area covered by the proposal includes the waterfront, including the existing dunes, access to the sea from the pinewood to the public beach, some unbuilt spaces adjacent to the public park in the pinewood, an old hotel existing structure of poor quality facing the sea.
The project hypothesis is principally based on the enhancement of the coastal line in front of the already upgraded area with piruea Merville with the construction of a tourist structure completely innovative in the entire northern Adriatic: a restaurant – bar on a piling structure, built in the sea and connected to the beach with a dock about 200 meters long.
The pier acts as a mediating element between the land and the sea: the area in front of the terrace is equipped with a buoys berth to accommodate boats and yachts, with a shuttle service for guests between the sea and the terrace.
The pier stands, in relation to the surrounding landscape, as an element of minimal impact, organizing the equipped building far from the shore and becoming a part of the surrounding landscape.
The pier will be built with all those design features projected to minimize the impact on the marine environment and on the beach. In this sense, we will pursue an objective of transparency of the structure compared to current conditions. In addition to that, the structures will be removed to allow, during the winter period, the reduction of risk due to climatic conditions. We also would underline, finally, that the works will be irrelevant compared to the hydraulic structure existing on the coast.
The proposal also includes the study, the rehabilitation, protection and partial value for tourism development of the dune system, that extends on the back of the beach. The intention is to heal the shore, now divided and not homogeneous, with an unified planning, which shall eliminate the current state of degradation and allow an innovative management of this place: the consolidation and recovery of the natural habitat of most of the dune system, this organization will assure the use of part of the dunes by tourists (only during summer). The partial use of the dunes for tourism, on the other hand, shall permit to increase the accessible beach area for tourists during summer, necessary in view of the fact that there has been a significant building development in the surrounding areas.
Further feature of the proposal is to strengthen the connection between the pinewood park and public beach, with two main projects: the creation of a new parking area for public use over a wide area – now residential and private property – and the optimization of the public communication path between the parking area, the pinewood park and the sandy shore. Then the completion of the cross-network of walkways will dialogue with this axis, leading up to the nearby Piazza Europa, whose regeneration, to private proponents, is also the subject of the project.
Finally, the proposal provides for the upgrading and conversion of the old existing hotel structure facing the sea, respecting the volumetric limit development rights already recognized by the regional “piano-casa”.

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