Terre di Mare

The design of the green area is linked to a private initiative of residential and commercial building. The genesis of the project in the public park is the necessity to cordon off a public green area that meets the standards required by the detailed plan; all the choices made designing the project take into account not only the elements of the executive project, even a future possible development of the private green area.
The need to define the physical boundaries of the public park revealed the question of how to configure the transition between the public area and the future development of the private park, which can both enhance and become a structural and recognizable element for the entire complex. The solution involves the use of gabionades to create a sort of mineral organism, with a very rigorous geometry contrasting with the conformation of the organic green areas, that houses the elements of the future private area too. In this way we move away from the idea of ​​a straight division between the two areas, rather than approaching the concept of a mediation space.
In dealing with the delimitation on the front road, on the contrary, we used a completely different language, building a continuous fence with very light structure, colonized by climbers. Two of the three ENEL cabins, formally integrated into the fence itself and camouflaged by vegetation, are connected with restrooms, thus offering the opportunity to define two areas of access, even through the appropriate retraction of the external enclosure. These extensions of the sidewalk section at the entrances, provide the opportunity to structure the parking areas that shall also be used when the park is closed to public.
A third access, located in the south west side, will be served by a parking lot for 15 cars, one of which is reserved for the disabled. Access areas are further highlighted by the use of platforms paved with larch shingles, while the surface of the paths that meander through the park, as well as the parking areas, will consist of an ecological paving product that uses inorganic material mixed with crushed gneiss.
All design decisions were based on the theme of landscape ecology.

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