Valdebebas Urban Park

The project for Valdebebas Urban Park takes up an area of 2,600 km in width, which includes and hosts an enormous quantity of facilities and activities.

This space is fundamentally characterized by its complementary nature as a constant and firmly constructed perimeter border. This large border plays a significant role in terms of both park identity and functionality. For these motives, we proposed a park that would be closed at night, a park that does not imply the materialization of a frontier which abruptly separates the interior and the exterior.

The border acts as a space for mediation between the two existing environments, urban space and green space. It functions as a highly effective filter that interacts with the built urbanized area on one side and the park on the other. This generates genuine “pre-park” space acting both as a catalyst and attraction, given its implementation as an operative wall along whose length, programs, experiences and actions take place.

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